Depression is one of the major mental conditions people of different age groups are suffering from. Not all people recover when they seek treatment. But there are alternative treatment methods that can be used for these patients suffering from depression.

The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Depression occurs in a person because of the abnormal functioning of the nerve cells in a particular part of the brain. The magnetic field pulses are highly focused are used in TMS therapy and they help in stimulating the nerve cells.

What are the perks of TMS therapy?

As far as the perks of the TMS treatment and therapy are being concerned here are a few that we have listed out for you. For a better understanding, make sure you check the points mentioned below.

    • This treatment does not require anesthesia. It is non-invasive and it is well tolerated in many patients out there.
    • It has been seen that there is efficacy in those patients who were struggling with their depression.
    • There is no impairment to memory
    • This method of treating depression has been approved by the FDA in the year 2008
    • The patient can continue with his regular daily routine without the treatment causing any hassle

For what other conditions can this treatment be used for?

    • Nicotine addicts
    • Used in anxiety disorders as well
    • Alzheimer’s disorder
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Schizophrenia

Before you undergo this treatment – things to be considered

This treatment is outpatient and lasts for a short while. What does this mean? This TMS treatment doesn’t require any surgery and therefore you will not have any sedation as well. So, during the entire procedure, you will be awake and well alert too. You should also be knowing that with this treatment, you will not have any side effects in your body like how they are caused by antidepressants.

What your expectations should be?

During the treatment: you will be made to sit down comfortably and then as the magnetic coil is being placed on your head, you will have to plug in earphones provided by the treatment center. After this, the procedure will be carried on but most likely you are going to undergo some of the following things that are mentioned below. What could these even include? Check out the points which include the following:

  • You might hear some tapping sounds while you also feel such sensations on your head
  • During the treatment, it is natural to feel a slight discomfort with your scalp. Apart from these things, you might also experience headaches.

After the completion of the treatment: you do not have to worry about any major side effects with the therapy. There will be no effect on your memory. But you are probably going to experience headaches and some discomfort to your scalp.

Tips for finding a good doctor for your depression:
When you are looking out for a depression doctor you will find a couple of them out there who have dealt with such therapies earlier. But how can you find the perfect one for your needs? Well, here are some tips that will help you to find a good doctor for your depression.

Checking out the internet: one of the best places to find good referrals is the internet. Here, you will also get reviews from people who have consulted a particular specialist. So, they will share their opinions with you. In this way, you already know what can be expected from the doctor you intend on visiting. Also, there will be other details mentioned about the doctor as well as his practices.

Ask around for referrals: you should also consider asking around for referrals from the people you trust. They will be able to help you better when you need to decide your depression doctor.

Check the doctor’s success rate: you need to know about the experience the doctor has in his field of work. Apart from that, you should also consider looking at his success rates. While choosing a doctor to go ahead with your TMS treatment, you must make a smart decision.

Do proper research before you consult a doctor so that you do not have to worry about your treatment procedure. Make sure you get all the information right before taking the final decision.