With the advancement in technology, people can now easily go for great cars at affordable prices. There are many manufacturers that can provide you with these services. Many popular ones ensure that just the best features are offered within the price paid. If you are someone looking for a great car for yourself then don’t wait anymore as Tesla offers great cars. It’s a well known one around the world and if you already are a car owner by Tesla, keep reading to know everything you need to about it and the service centers.

About Tesla

Tesla is an America based company dealing in automotive. It’s widely known for its electric cars which are used widely in the market. They not only satisfy the customers but also are doing a great part to save the environment. It has been ranked as the world’s best selling plug-in passenger car. The features of different models vary. Most of the cars are quite affordable and they come with great features. A new policy by the company includes a full refund of your new car within 7 days or 1,000 miles whichever comes first. They make sure that safety comes first. You don’t have to charge it for too long and can enjoy a long drive.

Tesla was founded in 2003 and was launched in 2008 by a group of engineers. It believes that the faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels the better it will be. The majority of its components are made in California in its factory. It has made a great contribution by creating thousands of jobs for people and also making so many people switch to electric cars hence saving a lot of fossil fuels. The cars are available in many countries so you can buy them from anywhere around the world. A 24/7 service is available all days of a year to make your experience here better.

Tesla Repair Shops

Although a great model, accidents are quite common these days. One never knows when or why one may occur. If you have been an accident and your car is damaged, there’s not much need to worry as Tesla has something there to help you out. You can contact a Tesla Body Repair Shop to get your lovely car back into its original position. Although many complaints have been made previously about the service quality many improvements have been made now. There are many service centers available in many places. It doesn’t matter which country do you live in. What matters is how far is the center of your home. You can visit the center after making an appointment. You can get an appointment after showing the local center the damage done to your car, your insurance carrier and the claim number in the email. You can register quite fast and be on your way soon.

All the technicians go through vigorous training before working on your car. The services offered at most of the centers are quite fast and you may even get your car before the time. It doesn’t matter how big or small the damage is, just contact them and don’t worry about the price as all the things are transparent here. Another great thing is that you can get an appointment using the mobile app sitting at the comfort of your home. Just visit the ‘Collision Repair’ section and you’ll find all the necessary details. A new live service status update has been added which lets you know about the progress in the repair of your car. Over 350 mobile service vans have been launched to save your time of visiting the repair center.

Collision Repairs

If you want to get your car in the same position as earlier after a bad collision, you can visit one of the centers for help. But before getting the Tesla collision repair done, you must know what items you can get repaired. The common parts are always stocked in the service centers so there’s no need to worry about the time taken. You can book the appointment from the Tesla mobile app which will also give you an advantage of choosing a time which you are comfortable going at. Even if you are not in the position to get your car to the center, you can request for a technician who can come to your home for repairs. But don’t forget to mention in advance about the problem so that the technician carries the necessary material along with him during the trip to your home. You can get the following things repaired from the centers.

  • Paint scuffs and scratches. These are quite annoying little ones as they are acting as an expert in ruining the look of your lovely car. The professionals here can remove it for you at affordable prices that too within a limited time.
  • Minor dents. These can be paintless less or with paint. The prices vary according to the one you go for. Usually, a paintless one is quite cheaper but the latter one can help in giving a great touch to the car.
  • You can get other things repaired or replaced like a bumper, car door, side mirror and other such parts as they are in stock almost all the time. These are simple bolt-ons so they take quite lesser time. You can get these new ones added to your car anytime you want to.

All in all, Tesla offers great services which anyone can avail sitting in any corner of the world. Switch to Tesla if you haven’t yet to help the environment along with having the luxury of a comfortable car. Moreover, now you know about the company a little better. If you already own one, then need not worry in case there’s any damage to the car as the repairs are quick, easy and professional which you can trust completely to get the best services. Make your appointments convenient by using the Tesla mobile application. So don’t hesitate to get your car repaired from the best technicians.